Copper Tongue Cleaner


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100% Copper Tongue Scraper

Tongue scraping have been proven to reduce bacteria in your mouth and improve oral hygiene

The anti bacterial elements of copper traditionally been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years where cleaning the tongue every morning is considered just as important as brushing your teeth!

We recommend to replace your tongue cleaner every 4-6 months. Or a year of kept dry and properly cared for. 

This useful tool helps reduce bacteria on your tongue, helping reduce bacteria build up helping keep breath smelling fresh!

  • Improve Sense of Taste
  • Improve Oral & Gut Health
  • Eliminate Odor Causing Bacteria
  • Improve the Appearance of Your tongue


A wash the tongue scraper with warm water

Place the center of the scraper at the rear end of the Tongue.

Gently about 5-10 times for complete removal of coating. 

Rinse your mouth and scraper after

Dry Copper Tongue Cleaner after each use and keep inside linen pouch when not in use. 



If irritation occurs please stop using. Wild Lily Organics Copper Tongue Cleaner should be used in conjunction with regular visits to your dentist & traditional home oral care.

**Copper naturally oxidizes over time so tarnishing is normal.




Q: What oil do you recommend?

A: The Goddess Oil Is for more dry/normal skin, the Gentle is for all skin types. 


Q: Is it safe to do Gua Sha everyday?

A: Yes! Absolutely. It’s safe to do twice a day. As long as you are drinking plenty of water afterwards.


Q: How often should I massage my face?

A: Safe to massage daily. But 2-3 days a week is enough.

Q: What Gua Sha do you recommend?



Q: What can I use to help get rid of fine lines?

A: I have several videos on my reels, IGTV, and Highlights. If you would like a 1-on-1 class I offer virtual Classes where I go more in depth to ensure proper use for best results.

Q: Can I do Facial Gua Sha / Reflexology while pregnant?

A: Yes, as long as you avoid the upper lip and top of shoulders.

Q: Can I do Facial Reflexology everyday?

A: Yes, but its suggested to take 7-14 days rest


Q: What age is it recommended to start doing Facial Gua Sha/Massages?

A: It's typically recommended to start in your late 20's. Listen to your body and do what feels good for you. It never too early or late to start!



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