Liliana Quintero, founder of Wild Lily Organics, a conscious, organic, vegan and sustainable personal care brand offering sacred beauty rituals through ancient holistic alternatives to health and beauty. After 20 years of working in the beauty industry, and 15 years as a licensed Esthetician, Liliana followed her heart into the world of healing, spirituality, holistic traditions, and sacred women’s traditions. She works one-on-ones and has developed online and in person workshops. Liliana’s mission is in helping women nourish a deeper connection with their wild divine feminine essence through Sacred Beauty Rituals and ancient women’s traditions. 

Beyond just the physical change in features in before and after Facial rejuvenating techniques, it is the facial expression that is different. After you will see a relaxed, calm, and peaceful appearance. Embodying an entirely different state of being than before. This subtle change of accessing inner peace is a deeper extension to the outer beauty we are seeking to achieve.

The goal goes beyond just aesthetics, but to restore the feeling of natural beauty. Rather than, striving towards a synthetic and unattainable beauty standard. Liliana’s mission is to give women back their balance and emotional health by removing emotional, energetic, and physical blocks to their divine feminine essence.


Wild Lily Organics bloomed from her love of natural beauty remedies and when she became a Licensed Esthetician in 2007, and began her skin care journey. 

It all began from her small 1 bed apartment in Miami, FL, making bath and beauty products for herself and her daughter. Having really sensitive and reactive skin, she began her search for organic skin care and the root causes to her 10 year acne battle and got inspired to start her own bath & beauty products. In her search to find the root cause of her acne and skin imbalances, she came across Facial Gua Sha, Facial Reflexology, and other holistic traditions. 

Along the way she’s had the honor and pleasure to meet amazing people who have encouraged, inspired, and motivated her to create organic, natural, cruelty free, vegan, and non toxic beauty products that not only are pure, gentle, eco-friendly, but are carefully formulated to provide the highest quality to really nourish the skin with from within. With out any artificial dyes, colors, fragrances or chemicals that could cause in many times "sensitivity".

The most rewarding feeling for her is knowing how these sacred beauty rituals are helping others reconnect with their Wild divine feminine essence and activating self healing, self discovery, and self love. 

Ancient self care practices, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Vietnamese Medicine, and ancient indigenous practices have played an influence in the creation of Wild Lily Organics.

She continues to search and implement her love for holistic & sustainable beauty into Wild Lily Organics.

I welcome you to Wild Lily Organics, where nature meets beauty.