The way plant ingredients in your creams and shampoos are farmed affects local communities and ecosystems—and a product’s overall carbon footprint. One of the most egregious examples is palm oil, whose derivatives appear in a whopping 70 percent of cosmetics. Indiscriminate building of palm oil plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia has decimated rainforests, and research indicates that deforestation releases more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than all the cars and trucks in the world combined. Also, most personal care products use water in manufacturing and as a main ingredient—and the availability of clean, drinkable water is expected to nose-dive by 2050, thanks to climate change, pollution, and increased demand.
At Wild Lily Organics we are on a mission to severely reduce our waste impact. We focus on producing minimal waste and not use water in out products. We also use recycled, Recycable, and biode card & paper to package you goods. For larger orders we recycle boxes when possible, and use compostable, eco-friendly material.
Remember repurpose, reuse or recycle.

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