Detox & Sculpt Kit

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This Kit is everything you need to embark your Sacred Beauty Ritual to self discovery!

De-puff, Sculpt, & Detox with this Kit.

That’s the BEAUTY of these tools. You get to know you body and the power it has to heal itself.

Save when you bundle! 

Kit Includes:

Wild Lily Organics Facial Cupping Set (for eyes & face)

Dark Green Nephrite Jade Gua Sha Stone

Wild Lily Organics Facial Reflexology Tool



• Instantly firms and lifts

• Renew facial contours & reverse sagging skin

• Diminish dark circles & reduce puffiness

• Minimize the appearance of fine lines (smoker & smile   lines)

• Brightens & promotes radiant complexion

• Reduce dark spots, blemishes & other skin problems



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Cleanse face tools before and after each use with a mild soap and warm water. Keep in protective pouch to prevent damage and scratches.


Gua Sha Stones:

Avoid direct exposure, too strong light or heat because this can change the color of the stone.



Q: What oil do you recommend?

A: The Goddess Oil Is for more dry/normal skin, the Gentle is for all skin types. 


Q: Is it safe to do Gua Sha everyday?

A: Yes! Absolutely. It’s safe to do twice a day. As long as you are drinking plenty of water afterwards.


Q: How often should I massage my face?

A: Safe to massage daily. But 2-3 days a week is enough.

Q: What Gua Sha do you recommend?



Q: What can I use to help get rid of fine lines?

A: I have several videos on my reels, IGTV, and Highlights. If you would like a 1-on-1 class I offer virtual Classes where I go more in depth to ensure proper use for best results.

Q: Can I do Facial Gua Sha / Reflexology while pregnant?

A: Yes, as long as you avoid the upper lip and top of shoulders.

Q: Can I do Facial Reflexology everyday?

A: Yes, but its suggested to take 7-14 days rest


Q: What age is it recommended to start doing Facial Gua Sha/Massages?

A: It's typically recommended to start in your late 20's. Listen to your body and do what feels good for you. It never too early or late to start!



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